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Red & White male available 


All kittens are Registered Pedigree kittens, regularly wormed & deflead.  Kittens will be vaccinated & desexed prior to moving to their new home, NO EXCEPTIONS so Please don't ask for an entire kitten unless you are a Registered Breeder.  They come with 2 comprehensive packs of food, toys, information booklet, food voucher & a few extra bits & bobs.  Their Ownership Registration Pedigree papers will be sent to new owner by the NZ Registering body.

                                                                 Videos & more photos available on request

We use the following products for our cats & kittens,  with human quality stainless steel dishes.  Many pet dishes are ceramic, plastic or poor quality stainless steel, all containing toxic contaminants, lead, arsenic etc. Bacteria from leftover food and saliva cannot enter stainless steel's hard surface, so stainless steel cat bowls are more sanitary. They're also more durable and easier to clean. As cat's sensitive whiskers rub against the sides of a deep bowl, they begin to hurt. Cats prefer bowls with a wide, shallow design that allow their whiskers to remain above the bowl while they eat and drink. Look for bowls designed specifically for cats (most dog bowls are too deep) and that prevent whisker fatigue
We recommend cat bowls that are dishwasher safe. Leftover food particles and saliva that remain on a cat’s bowl throughout the day can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Gross! That's why it's important to clean cat bowls daily.  they are easier and more convenient to clean, we are more likely to wash a dishwasher safe cat bowl often. Even if you don't have a dishwasher, a dishwasher safe bowl will be more durable than one that is not. Don’t risk lead, radioactive metals, and bacteria build-up with other cat bowls.


An elevated cat bowl will allow gravity to move the food kitty's eating downward from their mouth and directly into their stomach. Now their esophagus no longer has to move that same food upward towards their stomach as it must when hunched over the  food bowl on the floor  









       We prefer Wood pellets using KMart litter trays  & Countdown Clay litter in normal trays or Crystals litter


I use a variety of grooming tools, Andis deshedding Rake  wide tooth comb, slicker brush, Andis rotating    Teeth Detangler & deshedding rake 


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