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Narvik, where our cattery names originates has features similar to our current city, thermal activity, skiing, mountaineering, cycling & gondolas.  Tourism being the largest drawcard.  A truly beautiful city in this country of origin of Norwegian Forest Cats. 

Narvik is where aurora crosses all borders.  Our kittens we choose to name have names pertaining to Narvik

Somewhere in the wild and rugged landscape around Narvik, there'll be clear weather and an excellent chance of seeing the Northern Lights. You can join a Northern Lights safari in the Narvik area. Spend the day exploring a stunning landscape with a dramatic history.

The topography around Narvik is more than a little crazy. The mountains soar 1,800 metres (5,905 ft) straight up out of the Ofotfjord to form some of our country’s wildest and most rugged landscapes. And not only is this spectacularly beautiful, it's also ideal for Northern Lights safaris. This is because Narvik’s Northern Lights guides can study the wind direction to work out where the best place is for a chance of clear skies. If snow clouds are looming in the north west, the skies might be clear in Skjomen. If the southerly wind is blowing clouds in over the city, the weather could be clear north of Gratangsfjell. When mild weather from the south west starts to melt the icicles on the roofs, Sweden might be the solution. Cold snow from the east means that you can stand on the beach just outside the city and see the Northern Lights above the peaks on the other side of the fjord. A more relaxing alternative, you can visit the Sami of Njalasuoka.


As a long time animal lover, owner of various pets during my lifetime.  As a qualified vet tech, I have an extensive background in all things animal.   My speciality being felines, canines & horses.  We have previously bred & shown felines in the past & after an interval of working, travel & retirement have chosen to work with this relatively new & lesser known beautiful breed in Aotearoa

You're more than welcome to register your interest in a Norwegian Forest Cat,  we selectively breed for Quality, not Quantity as our aim so only occasionally have pet kittens available for loving homes, our contact details are below or you can catch us on our Facebook page




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